For over 25 years the Principals of ACCORD have assisted a wide variety of for-profit businesses plan and implement their success strategies. The firm specializes in assisting privately held and family owned businesses across multiple industries. These clients utilize ACCORD's functional expertise in strategic planning, organization development, and board development.

ACCORD's collaborative consulting approach enables the consultants to team with for-profit clients to get the job done without duplicating work that can and should be done by client staff, ensuring maximum efficiency and timeliness. As with all of the firm's clients, ACCORD is committed to helping for-profit businesses realize their potential - their visions of what they want to become.


Strategic & Owner Planning

ACCORD understands the need for strategic planning processes to be both effective and efficient. We work with the client to create a work plan that can be completed in a few months, and that results in a straight-forward, practical plan. When appropriate, ACCORD facilitates an owner/family planning session prior to the strategic planning session to clarify their expectations regarding this asset (e.g., appetite for risk/investment; performance/dividend goals; parameters for the strategic planning process).

ACCORD's overall approach to strategic planning is to work with the client to:

  • Structure a planning process that is meaningful and useful for the business;
  • Secure input from owners and key management;
  • Facilitate all planning meetings to ensure the client develops plans that address all critical issues;
  • "Challenge" the client on strategic and business issues and decisions; and
  • Ensure that the client asks all of the necessary strategic questions and considers a variety of options.

These steps are typical to most ACCORD strategic planning engagements.

  • Initiate planning and gather data;
  • Facilitate strategic planning retreats;
  • Prepare strategic plan report;
  • Conduct follow-up session;
  • Conduct quarterly or semi-annual follow-up meetings.

The resulting strategic plan document often has the following components:

  • Mission, or fundamental purpose;
  • Core values, or guidelines for behavior;
  • A vision for the longer term;
  • Goals, with key indicators of success;
  • Objectives/Tactics – or short-term actions;
  • Communication, monitoring, and updating plans.

Organizational Diagnosis & Change

ACCORD provides in-depth analysis of organizational and management structures, and helps bring about significant changes in organizations. These services can include:

  • Evaluation of the organization's structure, reporting relationships, decision-making processes and communication channels;
  • Clarification of family members' roles, responsibilities, and career paths;
  • Structured feedback, conclusions and recommendations; and
  • Change implementation assistance, including facilitation of merger, acquisitions and/or affiliations and organizational/management restructuring.

Executive, Team & Board Development

ACCORD provides family, executive and board development and self-evaluation assistance focused on ensuring that the organization's leadership is:

  • Clear on its roles/responsibilities;
  • Capable of evaluating itself in a constructive manner;
  • Developing in key areas specific to the organization; and
  • Diverse in its range of specialization.

ACCORD also helps design and facilitate board retreats and educational sessions. These custom-designed sessions can include the following topics:

  • What boards do (e.g., core responsibilities and fiduciary duties);
  • What other boards are doing (e.g., best practices).
  • How to increase the effectiveness of your board.